Lyrics: [ENG/ROM/HAN] WINNER’s Debut 2014 S/S Album Track 7: 사랑하지마 (But)

my fav song ever!!!



Track 7: 사랑하지마 (But)

Composition: Nam Taehyun, Ham Seungchon, Kang Ukjin | Lyrics: Nam Taehyun, Lee Seunghoon, Song Minho | Arrangement: Ham Seungcheon, Kang Ukjin


You’re not lovable, even the way you talk is rough
Do you think there are other guys who will accept you besides me?
You always have it your way, you only know yourself
When I think about you, I go crazy, please come back

When I call you, I say, “hey, you,” I’m so bad
I’m doing you a favor by dating you, actually I’m the one who clings to you
I’m ice to you but don’t be cold and avoid me, unfreeze me my baby

I was always bad, you’re foolishly nice
I was always bad, so be a little stronger
You’re far from me and though it’s hard to get close
I’ll try to stick us together somehow

Don’t love if…

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